Hi I am Rosemary,

With my name starting with rose which is one of the most popular flowers in history I think it was meant to be, a forever relationship with flowers.

I am the founder & creative director of Rosemary Design School, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else, the joy I get with creative design and sharing it with others and seeing them go off with confidence and start creative beautiful endless weddings design.

My passion for design began from my work experience within the fashion industry. I have always had a obsessive with design, texture colour and my love with flowers.

After a career in fashion, I turned my attention to the world of wedding & event design, and started rosemaryeventsdesign
I loved to bring my client wedding design vision to life. There is something so special about being apart of a Bride & Groom wedding day and playing a role in the most important day of their lives.
This experience developed my fundamental understanding and respect for the floral designs.

This led me to expand my skills and passion to teaching and creating a space for others to learn, explore and develop skills within this same industry.
The sole purpose of this school is to provide the opportunity to learn design and florist skills, as well as the space to connect and share personal tips, stories, reviews. There is also the opportunity to network with others to find and build strong business relationships or lasting friendships.

When I’m not working with flowers, I spend my days with my beautiful five children and husband. I love my family and enjoy every moment with them.